Missions Strategist Services

Troy brings many talents and offerings to his job. Below are just a few of the benefits we are so blessed to have!

Pulpit Supply – Available most Sundays, Troy brings powerful Truth. He is glad to serve our associational churches.

Short-term Interim – In the event of a pastoral vacancy, Troy is glad to serve for up to 3 months as a part-time interim for preaching and pastoral leadership.

Church Health Analysis – Let’s face it, our community is changing. The Church Health Analysis (CHA) is a church revitalization tool.  Building upon the Vision Survey, a 13-question survey taken by the core group of a local church, Troy is glad to help craft an action plan to revitalize the church.  The full scope of the CHA looks at numerous factors, including attendance, evangelism/discipleship, giving, leadership, ministry structure, missions, and worship.  The end result is a “congregation vision” Church Action Plan, which provides a launch pad for the future ministry of the church.  It’s free to all associational churches.

Pastor Search Committee Training – Pastors retire or leave for various reasons. Troy can meet with your Pastor Search Committee to discuss the various aspects of seeking your next pastor.  This training (2 hour minimum) addresses spiritual qualifications, ministry experience, education, financial package, ministry expectations, interview, and the affirmation process.  It’s free to all associational churches.

Other Training – Troy can train your individual leaders, small groups, or congregation in a variety of other areas.  These training events can range from a single 2-hour session to a half-day event or multiple weekly sessions.  Free to all associational churches, training is available in the following areas:

  • Budgeting for the Great Commission
  • Committee Structure
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Deacon/Elder Ministry
  • Evangelism/Discipleship
  • Missions
  • Preaching/Teaching
  • Sunday School/Small Groups
  • Worship Leadership

Church Planting Assessment – Is your church thinking about planting a church?  Troy is eager to draw alongside to help you consider the funding, location, ministry model, etc. of your plant.  It’s free of charge to all associational churches.    

Networking – Troy has a wealth of knowledge and many contacts. He is glad to help with making connections within the association and outside of the association. Don’t feel you must go it alone.