Fort Caswell Summer Staff Opportunity

Fort Caswell Summer Employment (ages 16-24) Fort Caswell accommodates thousands of students for 8 weeks each summer, providing them with a gospel centered, engaging, and fun program. Each year hundreds of middle and high school aged students give their lives to Christ! In order to minister to this group of individuals, Fort Caswell hires 70 college/ high school aged students to serve on our Summer Staff team, where they work in a variety of operation jobs to keep our campus running for our students. This includes our day camp operators within Seabreeze and Coastal, Guest Services, Food Service, Housekeeping, and more. Those who apply for these jobs are required to live on campus, and food is provided. Not only that, but there are immense opportunities for fellowship amongst the staff. This job is an awesome opportunity for young Christians who are looking to serve the Lord this summer, grow in their personal faith, create lifelong memories, and of course, live at the beach!

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