Administrative Assistant to Missions Strategist

Wendy brings much knowledge, deep experience, and many talents to her job. We are blessed to have her serving the Association.
Here are a few of the benefits!
“Ministry Assistants Group” – Meeting three times a year, April, August and December, these meetings serve to train, equip, share, and prepare ministry assistants for tasks within their church. It’s a fun way to learn, while enjoying fellowship and networking with other Ministry Assistants.  Regardless, if they are paid or volunteer, all Ministry Assistants are invited to take part in this group. There’s also a dedicated Facebook page:  Our desire is to create a Ministry Assistant community where we can all do life and ministry together.
  • Helping BBA Ministry Assistants to fill this critical role in their church.
  • Some serve as receptionists, financial secretaries or treasurers, assistant to one or more of the ministers, or a combination of roles. Regardless, BBA Ministry Assistants are a critical part of the team that allows a church to function smoothly in accomplishing the work of the Kingdom. We are committed to continually equipping and encouraging Ministry Assistants through events and resources as we minister together.   
Annual Church Profile – Wendy is able to assist in the completion of the Annual Church Profile.  ACP Training is held each year. Both a morning and an evening session is offered to accommodate as many as possible. Wendy can  set up an appointment and meet one-on-one if attending one of the standard sessions is not possible. This is a great service in helping churches complete the NC Baptist Association required Annual Church Profile each year.  
Ministry Assistant Questions –  Wendy is here to assist ministry assistants with questions that may arise as they pertain to job duties. Wendy is knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Suite, Google Drive/Docs, Gmail, Google Calendar, Quickbooks, and Social Media sites.  She has knowledge in other areas as well, if you have a questions, please do not hesitate to contact her.